Drop-In activities for Nov 21 – 23

November 20, 2013

Drop-In Studio activities for November: 21 – 23: This week we are crafting feathery friends using up-cycled glove inserts, tubes, feathers, doilies, decorative paper and more. Mono printing will be at the paint table. The odd and interesting instant snow will be at the sensory table with animals, scoops and bowls. We set up the tool bench with hammers, ‘nails’ and hand drills. Play with story stones and mirrors. The light box is set up and florescent markers look super cool with the various colors shining through. Recycle craft is at one of the tables (“make something”!). Print with stamps at the easel wall. The Roll-A-Line game is set up, along with markers, stickers, safety scissors, shape cutters, and more!

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