Drop-In activities for Nov 14 – 16

November 13, 2013

Drop-In Studio activities for November 14 – 16: This week we’re holding onto to Fall for a bit longer… come and make acorn necklaces and nature wands. Using yarn, wooden beads, colored tape, floral garnishes and more create beautiful projects from nature! The light projector is set up and we have supplies for making shadow puppets. We have piles of paper baking cups – fill them with cotton balls, glue and craft supplies for cupcake making. Other happenings: experimenting with drafting tools, stamping with letter stamps, painting at the easel, and playing with playdough. At the paint table we are spray painting. Make interesting designs using up-cycled “stencils” (game board piece cutouts) and spray bottles filled with liquid watercolors. The results are always interesting!

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