Drop-In activities for May 8 – 10

May 7, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for May 8 – 10: This week we have a few Mother’s Day crafts! There’s a card making table set up with stamps, markers, foam stickers, folded cards and envelopes. At the back table we have pendant making: using decorative papers, shape cutters and tag board create a special hand-made piece of jewelry for mom. Also for Mother’s Day decorate a wooden heart with markers and seal in an envelope. Our tool bench is set up, so a hole can be drilled in the heart for turning it into a necklace. At the paint table, scoop balls with paint into a box and shake. Super cool results! We also have springtime collage with glue. The sticky bench is set up for temporary compositions. At the sensory table we have bright blue play dough and ocean animals.

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