Drop-In activities for May 15 – 17

May 14, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for May 15 – 17: This week we are crafting drums and tambourines! Choose a recycled box, carton, or can and decorate with stickers, stamps, and more… decorate a pair of ‘drum sticks’ and you have the fanciest drum in town! The tambourine making includes bells, wires and paper plates. At the paint table we have spray painting set up. At the easel there’s circle printing. On the back tables we’re making texture circles with model magic. To add color, you can draw on the model magic with markers. On the back bench there are drafting tools to experiment with. On the front bench mail making is set up – there’s a mailbox attached to the tree house. :) We also have slime at the sensory table, as well as hammers and bubble wrap for a fun sound experience.

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