Drop-In activities for June 5 – 7

June 4, 2014

Drop-In Studio activities for June 5 – 7: This week we are making puppets and magic wands! With a sticky-foam base or a craft stick, embellish with animal-inspired fabrics, googly eyes, gems, feathers, and more. We have two sculpture activities: one is with cornstarch builders (for take home sculptures) and the other is with our magnetic sculpture set (for experimental/temporary sculptures). At the back tables use recycled supplies, string, colored tape, wire, cool stickers, and such to “make something” – a favorite Muckykids activity! At the paint table fold painting is set up, at the sensory table we have play dough, and at the easel we’re painting with black on white for a high contrast effect. From last week, the reflection table with the Play Shapes blocks is still set up. And last, but not least we have wooden tops. Decorate the base and spin… it’s fun to see what happens!

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