Drop-in activities for June 28 – 30

June 27, 2012

Drop-In Studio activities for June 28 – 30: This week we are making walkie-talkies and badges. They can be coupled or completely separate – it’s in the hands of the creator! We will be collaging with lots of glue, wood pieces, pom-poms, gems, yarn and more. We also have some science action going on… decorate a piece of paper, attach it to a small rotary motor, close the circuit and you have design magic! Play with the mirrors and prisms. Add a flashlight or a laser (with adult supervision!!) and experience reflection and refraction. At the sensory table we will have a non-Newtonian fluid to play with: cornstarch and water. In addition, we will be painting at the easel as well as printing with objects.

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