Drop-In Activities for July 11 – 13

July 10, 2019

Drop-In Activities for July 11 – 13: This week, as we start to say goodbye to our current space, we have a few studio favorites for our drop-in activities. One is spray painting at the paint table – a dynamic painting activity with beautiful results. We have bookmaking, which always offers lots of fun supplies to play with as you assemble and embellish your unique handmade book. The sensory table has slime to play with, a sensory/pretend play activity that is hard to get enough of. The back bench has magnets and magnetic objects to play with – fun to feel the pulling and the pushing force of the magnetic field. The easel wall has blue and red tempera paint for brush painting and pretty color mixing. We also have an open-ended assembly activity with upcycled paint chips, string, tape, wire, hole punches, and markers. And last, but not least, we are sculpting with cornstarch builders.

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