Drop-In Activities for February 21 – 23

February 20, 2019

Drop-In Activities for February 21 – 23: This week we have a really neat activity using cardstock and circle stickers of varying sizes and colors; we are making circle sticker pictures and mobiles. You can make 2D or 3D creations. Cut paper shapes and attach them together with the stickers. Add string and hang from a base for a mobile or make a garland…. There are many possibilities with these simple supplies! At the front tables we are crafting box guitars, using left over wrapping paper and upcycling sturdy cardboard boxes. Embellish the boxes with wrapping paper, stickers, colored tape and markers. Add rubber bands and you have yourself an instrument! The paint table has printmaking with stencils. This can be a very dynamic activity, with beautiful results. The sensory table has pink slime to play with. The front bench has stamping. The back bench has recycle craft. And the easel wall has painting with tempera paints.

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