Drop-In Activities for December 13 – 15

December 12, 2018

Drop-In Activities for December 13 – 15: This week we continue our December Holiday Crafting! On the back tables we have a fun sticky collage/ornament making activity. Using very sticky felt, press on decorations to make a unique collage that can hang. For added embellishment, fill in all the empty spaces with a sprinkle of glitter! Another activity is filling plastic ornament balls with craft supplies. These make beautiful gifts… or fun shakers – just be sure to tape the lid on! On the front bench we have a mini version of last week’s card and gift tag making. You can also make super cool gift tags and ornaments with extra large shrinky dinks. These can be paired with beads and/or key rings. At the easel wall we have a beautiful set of large snowflake stamps. We are using them with white and glittery blue paint for printing snowfalls… or blizzards! These can be used for cards, as well. The paint table has cars and trains for driving thru paint and making tracks. The city diorama on the back wall is looking great and we have a mini recycle craft station set up for more additions. And the sensory table has clay, dinos and tools.

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