Drop-In Activities for August 25 – September 7

August 25, 2019

Drop-In Activities for August 25 – September 7: This week we are crafting and printing with nature! At the front tables we’re making nature wands with colorful yarns, tapes, wires, and embellishments. Make a few and turn them into a decorative bouquet. At the paint table we are printing with leaves: paint a leaf, place paper on top, burnish (rub paper) and you have a print! Try overprinting for colorful effects. The tall tables have spin art with simple circuits. The sensory table has a fresh batch of play dough to squish and squeeze. At the easel wall we are painting with liquid watercolors. In the recycle craft corner we are building cars using small boxes, lots of wheel-like items plus interesting upcycled bits and pieces. Make a driver for your car, too! Later in the week we will be building a large car for the kids to ‘drive’ and to help decorate. In the meantime, the back wall has a road map of the US to plot out trips with.

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