Drop-In Activities for August 1 – 10

August 1, 2019

Drop-In Activities for August 1 – 10: Hello! We made it :) and are very happy to be at 2404 Mass Ave. A few of the activities this week will help to break in the newness of the space. For example, in the back corner we have started to build a marble run on the wall. You can help build by adding your own touches or simply enjoy what’s there and run some marbles thru. On the front table you can make your own stamp. Clip one of your stamped prints on the art line for others to see. At the recycle craft station there are lots of bits and pieces to make inventions and sculptures with. At the tall tables we have a collection of circle stickers paired with colored cardstock, scissors, tape and string. It’s always so much fun to see what can be made with a simple set of supplies!! At the paint table we are color mixing with liquid watercolors. At the easel wall we are painting with tempera paints. And the sensory table has a great batch of slime to play with.

With the move into a new space we are starting some new traditions and ways of doing things. As relates to this post, the sets of drop-in activities will be out for 2 weeks, instead of one. This will allow for a deeper exploration of the materials and the processes we use to explore them with – two of the things we love most at Muckykids!!

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