Drop-in activities for April 18 – 20

April 17, 2013

Drop-In Studio activities for April 18 – 20: It’s science week at Muckykids! All of the activities have an element of science. At the sensory table we will be mixing potions in trays and test tubes using baking soda, vinegar, colored waters, and cornstarch. We will have huge ice chunks, saltshakers, and liquid watercolors for making ice sculptures. As a painting activity we will be doing pendulum painting. A first at the studio! With hinged mirrors and with large polymer marbles we will be viewing line drawings is new ways: reflect multiple images in the mirrors for a kaleidoscope effect and magnify the drawings with the polymers. At the back tables we will have recycled materials for making things for our on-going city project. We will have lots of paper circles that can be divided into fractions to create images for the city (or to take home). We also have a light table with colored transparencies. In addition, lenses, flashlights and lasers will be out for exploration.

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